How To Be Confident In An Audition

Most aspiring actors struggle with the question of How to be confident in an audition

It’s because confidence is an attractive quality in actors. Casting directors, producers, and directors look for confidence (among other things) in actors while shortlisting them. A confident person can be trusted to endure the pressure of show business and perform their act with grace anyway. So, it’s not an additional but a must-have quality for actors. 

However, even big performers get cold feet on the big day. They even sometimes fail to do their best due to last-minute jitters and lose their chance. You see, being good at acting is a separate thing from being confident, and both are essential for an actor to succeed. 

So, we bring you a few ways you can present yourself as a confident person and audition with poise.


Following are a few tried and tested tricks for actors to stay confident and ace their auditions. 

1. Prepare a short audition piece

Usually, the audition slots are quite short, meaning an actor gets a 2-3 minutes window to showcase their skills and charm the auditors. So, instead of performing a long script that the director may cut short, it’s best to prepare a shorter script. 

It will be easier for you to perform as you can devote all your time to perfecting a short dialogue delivery instead of memorizing an elaborate scene. 

2. Memorize your part

Be confident during an audition

Practice and memorise your part of script so that you can act with full confidence.

Once you have finalized your script, memorize it till you can perform it smoothly without looking at it. Auditioning without notes and a memorized script leaves a good & lasting impression on the casting director.

So, set aside some time to practice every day and avoid forgetting your lines.

3. Prepare for a Cold Reading 

One thing that sets great actors apart from others is preparing for the unexpected. If you think there’s going to be cold reading at your audition, it’s best to prepare beforehand for it. 

Read a few pieces that you’ve read before and familiarize yourself with various scripts. 

4. Perform in front of people

Confidence while acting

Many actors feel uneasy at the thought of performing in front of a bunch of people, so practice in front of people as well.

Many actors feel uneasy at the thought of performing in front of a bunch of people. If you feel so too, you can tackle this issue by doing a mock audition and performing in front of people. 

Create an audition-like atmosphere by having a few friends over and read your part to them. Doing so will fill you with confidence, and you’ll likely do a lot better at the real audition.

5. Ask Your Acting Coach For Advice

If you have been taking acting classes, ask your coach or instructor for advice. Through their honest opinion of your performance, you’ll recognize your weak points and get a chance to improve them.

Besides, knowing & improving your weak points is better than losing an audition to them. This kind of preparation also helps boost confidence. 

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6. Calm your mind

Auditions are a big deal, and it’s absolutely normal to feel anxious before your big day. Remember to calm your mind on the day of the audition and maintain composure. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to give 100% to your performance if you’re nervous and panicking all the time. 

Practice deep breathing and relaxing exercises to ease your tensions and concentrate on the work better.

7. Don’t compromise the quality of sleep

The excitement, anxiety, and stress of performing in an audition can sometimes take a toll on your sleep.

Sleep before giving auditions

Have a sound sleep and take proper rest a day before your audition, so that you stay energetic.

But, if you’re tired, you may appear tense and forget your piece. This sort of behavior comes off as a lack of confidence in front of casting directors. So, avoid compromising your REM sleep by stressing over the future and rest well.

8. Dress comfortably 

Stay confident during an audition.

An actor’s clothes must make them feel comfortable. Keep that in mind while dressing up for the day.

Though it’s good to look presentable on the day of your audition but to do so at the price of your comfort is not going to be beneficial. If you enter the audition room wearing something you aren’t comfortable in, it’s going to reflect in your act. An actor’s clothes must make them feel comfortable. Keep that in mind while dressing up for the day.

9. Mingle and loosen up

Being uptight barely fetches anyone anything. Plus, since the core of your acting career is networking, mingle with other performers in the audition room.

Staying confident during an audition

Loosen up with your fellow actors a little before auditions, it will help you to stay confident while performing in front of them.

Loosen up with your fellow actors a little. Not only will it help tackle nervousness, but you may make some friends there as well. 

10. Project loudly and clearly

Project is a quite common term in the theatrical lexicon. It means to talk or deliver your lines in a clear voice. To project in a loud and clear voice, take a few deep breaths as a warmup and loosen up your body. 

This will help you connect with your character better and center yourself in that space. Avoid short, shallow inhalations and connect your breath directly to your sound.

11. Act Confident 

If despite everything, you can’t seem to put your anxiety to bed, it’s time to “act” like a confident person. This trick works for a lot of actors as it’s all about perception. If you can embody a character who is very confident, you’ll be able to get through the audition process. 

Ways to stay confident during an audition

Act like a made-up character who is fully in control and has been doing so forever.

So, act like a made-up character who is fully in control and has been doing so forever. Walk into the audition room with a smile and bold posture, make eye contact with auditors, greet them properly, and act like this is not new for you. 

This trick is all about the ‘fake it till you make it’ notion, and it helps many nervous actors give their best performance.

12. Congratulate yourself on every audition, whether you make it or not

Rejections are a part of the job, and they should not be taken as a comment on your acting skills. So, pat yourself on the back after every audition and acknowledge your efforts. 

Don’t let the fear of rejection weigh you down, and be proud of performing a task that’s not easy for the most courageous and confident person as well. Give your best and move on to another audition.


1. What if I panic right before the audition?

Try to retain your calm by breathing slowly and deeply. If you are prone to anxiety, breathe in from your stomach instead of breathing from your chest. It will allow you to draw in more air through your diaphragm and relax your muscles.

2. What if I forget my lines during the audition?

Politely ask the auditors for a few minutes to reread or remember your lines. It’s fine to make a mistake, but how you handle it matters to the casting people. So, take a few minutes to yourself and come back stronger. 

3. What’s the most important thing to do during an audition?

Being approachable is the most important thing to do as an actor. It shows the casting director that you are in control of your surroundings and may be open to opportunities. You can look approachable by presenting yourself in a composed manner, talking assertively, and greeting everyone with a smile. 

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Confidence for an actor is mostly about getting all of the distractions (both physical & mental) out of the way so they can focus on just the work and deliver a great performance. 

If you find it hard to stay confident during auditions, follow these tips and focus on the present only. Doing so will surely boost your confidence and lead to a successful audition. 

For more guidance about how to be confident in an audition or build a career as an actor, browse our acting courses or workshops. 

If you’re interested in acting classes or want more information on acting careers, contact our team for help with your acting goals! We’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of an acting career and how we can work together to make them happen.


Follow these methods on a regular basis and you will start feeling more confident across your auditions and fellow actors. Confidence is all about staying consistent and working hard on your skills. Once you practice enough, you will not feel anxious or nervous during the auditions because you have already gone through this process enough times. We hope this article would have helped you to understand How To Be Confident In An Audition. Here is a quick recap, 

  1. Prepare a short audition piece
  2. Memorize your part
  3. Prepare for a Cold Reading
  4. Perform in front of people
  5. Ask Your Acting Coach For Advice
  6. Calm your mind
  7. Don’t compromise the quality of sleep
  8. Dress comfortably 
  9. Mingle and loosen up
  10.  Project loudly and clearly
  11.  Act Confident 
  12.  Congratulate yourself on every audition, whether you make it or not.

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