Remote Learning Students Tips

At Emerge we know how important ease of access AND ease of use is when it comes to your remote learning courses, that’s why we made the switch to Teachable here at EMERGE Global. Here are some quick Remote Learning Students Tips.

Their iOS app makes accessing your online course content easier than ever-a a vision our founder, Jeremiah O’Brian had when he founded Emerge -your art education is literally in the palm of your hand. Our fall classes start soon so here’s a few tips on how you can utilize our new learning management system (or LMS) in your classes at Emerge, whether at home or while traveling.

Remote Student Learning Tips

Emerge Global makes the access of online education easy.

Online Classes with Certificate

Easily keep track of your course progress via the progress bar in your course sidebar

View all of the lectures and sections in the class curriculum dashboard.

  • Seeing a clock icon next to a course section? That means though it’s locked its release date is approaching, and once available you’ll receive an email notification letting you know that you’re able to proceed with that section
  • If a section of your course is marked with a lock icon then you’ve not yet completed all necessary lecture content in sequential order- you must do that to progress.
  • Incomplete lectures are denoted with an empty or a partially filled-in circle. Completed lectures are denoted with a checkmark.
  • It’s important to note a few things as you mark your progress through a course
  • Lectures will only be marked as complete if the Complete and continue button is clicked. If you navigate through the course by selecting individual lectures in the course sidebar, then the lectures will not be marked as complete.
  • You can still access lectures even if they are marked as complete. To do so, click on the individual lecture in the course sidebar.
Remote Learning Courses for Adults

Remote Learning Courses for Adults

Remote Learning Courses for Adults

We hope these Remote Learning Students Tips would have helped you as you navigate our new LMS this season. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about your Teachable EMERGE course at:

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