Top 6 Acting Tips For Beginners

Becoming an actor can take a lot of time and effort. Even if you’re a naturally gifted performer, it’s still very important to work on your skills and to seek professional guidance. So, we are going to share some acting tips for beginners which will help you in improving your acting skills.

We’ll focus on the importance of taking acting classes, the importance of having knowledge of the acting industry, when it’s appropriate to get headshots taken, when to create a showreel and how to find a talent agent.

Before we get started: A bit on youth drama classes

It might be a cliché, but youth drama classes can really give you an edge in today’s competitive industry. Many kids have no idea how they would start this journey and we often hear: “I didn’t even know youth drama classes existed online!”

But youth drama classes let you discover your strengths and weaknesses in a safe environment, where you can also make friends with like-minded people.

You might already have a good idea of what acting means to you and if you think youth drama classes are the right activity for you already. If youth drama classes aren’t your thing or you’re just interested in acting, then youth drama classes might still be a good starting point to get a feel of the industry and meet people who would love to start their careers as actors as well.

No matter what level of training you have, youth drama classes can really help you grow as a performer.

So here are our top 6 acting tips for beginners to help you to sharpen your acting skills and move forward with your acting journey.

1. Take acting classes

The first acting tip for beginners is to take acting classes. Actors should always be learning and trying new things. It’s one of the best acting tips for beginners because acting requires you to be able to adapt.

You have to learn how to give a great audition, create different types of characters, and become someone who can convincingly play any role that may come your way. The more acting classes you take, the better actor you will be.

You’ll learn how to do cold readings, how to improvise, and what your strengths are as an actor. All of these factors will make you a better actor and auditioner.

Acting Tips For Beginners

You’ll learn how to do cold readings, how to improvise, and what your strengths are as an actor

2. Knowledge of the acting industry

It’s also very important to have a certain level of knowledge about how the acting industry works. Even if you already have experience acting, getting headshots taken, creating a reel, and finding a talent agent can still be intimidating tasks. You should always make sure you know what acting agents look for in a reel, how acting headshots should look, and what acting agents do.

Read youth drama blogs, watch youth drama videos on YouTube, and look up youth drama articles to find out more about what you need to do. It might seem like a lot of hassle at first but having knowledge about the youth drama world will make starting your acting career much simpler.

We’ve all heard youth agents say: “You need to keep up with your classes if you want to book more roles.” It may seem like a daunting task and that it will take too much time, but keeping up with youth drama classes can really help when youth agents want to cast youth actors who are serious about their youth industry careers.

3. When to get acting headshots taken

One of the acting tips for beginners that you have to know is when it’s appropriate to get acting headshots taken. There are times when actors don’t want or need acting headshots. An acting headshot is typically used to get acting auditions, acting work, and acting roles. For some acting roles, you may not need any headshots at all because wardrobe and makeup can often hide your looks.

Top Acting Tips For Beginners

One of the acting tips for beginners that you have to know is when it’s appropriate to get acting headshots taken.

4. Creating a Reel

An important acting tip for beginners is to create your acting reel as soon as possible. A reel showcases your acting talents and skills so that agents can evaluate if you’d be right for certain acting roles or acting auditions. Your acting reel can consist of acting footage you’ve done in acting classes, acting scenes you’ve performed at acting auditions, acting clips from acting web series or acting films, etc.

One thing about your acting reels is that they should only include the best work you’ve done. Don’t include acting footage that you’re not proud of because quality matters. If you want to create a youth acting reel for agents, then make sure that the youth acting showreel will stand out.

An acting reel will get youth agents and youth directors interested in you if they see that youth have good acting skills, in action.

5. When to find agents and managers

You also need to know when it’s time to find acting agents and managers. While acting agents can be tricky to find, acting managers are a little easier since they work with actors on development.

Best Acting Tips for Beginners

You need to know when its high time to look for talent agents and managers.

Once your acting career picks up, and your manager will likely become more involved you will set that development investment was well worth it.

When it comes to agents, they usually deal with helping actors find acting auditions, acting work, and acting jobs as part of the SAG franchised agencies network.

You don’t have to find agents or managers right away. You can spend some time building your acting resume and experience before you try finding youth acting agents and managers.

6. Stay Real

The best way to learn how to be an acting professional is to stay real. You should always make sure you’re acting in a way that feels natural. If acting classes are making you feel uncomfortable, then it’s not right for you. But if acting classes are making you more comfortable with acting, they may be the perfect acting tool for your acting arsenal.

As acting tips for beginners, the acting industry is hard to navigate alone. It’s always best to have acting knowledge, acting classes, and acting auditions. Success in the acting industry can be achieved by actors who remain true to themselves, work hard, and are dedicated.

When we say stay real we mean this: a life outside of acting to balance you as a person with many interests matters. Be yourself and work hard because the right agent, director, and champion will spot your authenticity from a mile away. If you’re looking at youth drama classes as another means of achieving success as an actor, then that’s great too. Don’t lose track of life outside of acting, drama classes, auditioning, and all that goes with the career of an actor. That’s a bit of how you stay real in the acting world.


For youth drama students, the acting industry is hard to navigate alone. It’s always best to have youth drama knowledge, youth drama classes, and youth drama auditions.

Actors who stay real, work hard, and are dedicated will achieve their goals of becoming successful in the acting industry. For actors looking for a great place to start on their journey towards success with youth theatre or other types of theater arts programs like musical theater or comedy improv classes, take advantage of our free demo lessons!

They’ll give you an idea of what your full course might be like so that you can get started right away without any risk whatsoever because all performances are just for fun!

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